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    Plugin Notes

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    Allows you to add notes to plugins. Useful when you’re using lots of plugins and/or make modifications to a plugin and want to make a note of them, and/or work on your WordPress install with a group of people. This plugin was inspired by a post by Chris Coyier: (


    • Add/edit/delete notes for each plugin on the plugin page
    • You can use HTML in notes (v1.1+)
    • You can use markdown syntax in notes (v1.5+)
    • You can use a number of variables which will be automagically replaced when the note displays (v1.5+)
    • Save a note as a template for new notes (v1.5+)
    • You can color-code notes to see in one glance what’s up or down (v1.6+)
    • Links within note automagically have target="_blank" added so you won’t accidently leave your site while working with the plugins.

    Please have a look at the FAQ for more information about these features.


    Markdown script: PHP Markdown 1.0.1.o

    External link indicator: liberally nicked from the Better WP External Links plugin


    Dutch – jrf

    Please help us make this plugin available in more language by translating it. See the FAQ for more info.

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