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    Pinterest Importer allows you to connect to your account; to grab all your pins (including from secret boards); and to import them in WordPress.

    The difference with other plugins is that it is not based on the (very limited) official Pinterest API; which also requires SSL.
    This means that you can make a full backup (instead of getting only the last x pins); but it also means the plugin may broke one day or another.
    Better use it quick !

    • Nice GUI
    • Uses a custom post type, which makes it easy to use specific theme templates or capabilities, etc.
    • Get pins from your boards, secret boards, and likes; but also from public boards by other users
    • Assign a WordPress category to each of your board (or let us handle it automatically)
    • Supports both image & video pins; and sets automatically the corresponding post format
    • Downloads original HD images from pins
    • Can be used on an ongoing basis : pins will not be imported several times
    • Displays the original pin data in a metabox (Pinterest Log)
    • Set pin creation date as post date
    • Handles hashtags, which are converted to post tags


    It truly took me a LOT of time to code this plugin.
    If it saved you the time to backup manually a few hundred (or more!) pins, please consider converting this time into a donation.
    This would be very appreciated — Thanks !


    1. Go to Pins -> Pinterest Account
    2. Follow the steps
    3. Enjoy !


    Contributors are listed here


    For feature request and bug reports, please use the forums.

    If you are a plugin developer, we would like to hear from you. Any contribution would be very welcome.

    TO DO

    • use wp_update_term_count() ? seems posts count for categories is not updated.
    • add source in post content should be optional
    • a trashed pin should not be considered existing ?
    • use some ajax functions (Pinterest queries, etc.)
    • bug when creating ‘pinim_boards_settings’ : last board settings are not saved, so it is detected as new board when the page refreshes.


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    Published3 years ago

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