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    Organize Series

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    The Organize Series WordPress Plugin helps with the organization and presentation of articles/posts you write as part of a series. It helps make it easier for readers of your blog to discover all the series you’ve written and also to easily find post that are part of the same series.

    Organize Series actually adds a new taxonomy to the WordPress taxonomy structure so your blog would have “categories”, “tags”, and “series” as the taxonomy types.

    NOTE: Organize Series now requires at least WordPress 4.7. Also, the required version of PHP is 5.6 or greater. The plugin will automatically deactivate itself if you are using less than PHP 5.6.

    Make sure you check out the features section in the “other notes” tab for all the neat stuff you can do!

    NOTE: Organize Series has not been designed to be multisite compatible at this time. Some users are finding it works great for their needs but your mileage may vary. Feel free to try on multi-site but at your own risk.


    Author’s Website | | OrgSeries ADDONS | OrgSeries Twitter


    There have been some changes to how I provide support for Organize Series. Here are the different options for support:

    1. Post any support questions on the WordPress Forums at I will keep an eye on the forums for bug reports but will NOT be actively responding to usage/installation help. If I don’t respond to forum posts I’m not being rude or snubbing you, I just simply don’t have time to respond. Organize Series is not my full-time job. It’s just a passion project.

    2. Submit issues at the Organize Series repository on github. Or better yet contribute a pull request!


    The following is a brief overview of all the features in Organize Series.

    Integration with WordPress taxonomy system

    Included with WordPress out of the box are two taxonomies – “categories” and “tags”. Organize Series introduces a new taxonomy “series”. Thanks to the rich api provided to plugin authors by WordPress, Organize Series takes advantage of (as much as possible) the built-in WP goodness! As an added bonus – plugin developers can expand on what Organize Series offers by interacting with the new series taxonomy and the built-in filters/hooks.

    More “organize” for taking care of your series…

    Check these additions to your WordPress administration:

    • A “Manage Series” page.
      Add, delete, edit all your series on one handy dandy page. Functioning much like the “Manage Category” page, Organize Series makes it easy to keep track of all the series you are writing.
    • Integration with the Edit->Posts page.
      Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of what posts have been added to series in a familiar setting. Even better, you can also filter the post list by series giving you a quick way to see all the posts you’ve already added to the series.
      Organize Series also integrates with the “quick-edit” feature – so you can edit series information for posts right on this page.

    Add “prettify” recognition to your series…

    Easily associate images with your Series via the Manage->Series page. Images can be easily uploaded, picked using the built-in WordPress Media uploader.

    Integration with Write/Edit posts page

    Organize Series brings a new “box” to your write/edit posts page for series related tasks:

    • Add new series on the fly.
      Ajaxified and simple to use (works pretty much the same as adding new categories on the fly)
    • Add posts to existing series.
    • Choose what order you want that post to be in the series. If you leave the field blank, your post will automatically be appended to end of the series. But if you want you can number that post to be whatever part you want and every other post in the series will be automatically adjusted for their new parts Is that cool? Yeah, I thought so too!

    Works out of the box.

    Once you’ve activated the plugin (and are not importing from earlier versions) all you have to do is visit the Series Options page and then you’re ready to go (you don’t have to change/or add anything!). Out of the box, Organize Series defaults to automatically insert into your blog all the necessary “template tags” for displaying series related information.

    Use permalinks? No problem, Organize Series detects that and introduces a permalink structure for series archive pages (defaults to
    Don’t like the default settings/look…well…

    Complete options page for easy customization without having to edit any .php files

    Nearly everything you might want to customize with Organize Series can be done on the Series->Options page:

    • Control placement of series related info (Series Meta, Series Table of Contents, Series Postlist boxes, Series Navigation Strip, etc.)
    • Customize the html output or series related info by using the %token% system with a token legend right on the page (check out the screenshots tab).
    • Control what the path of your “series table of contents” link will be.
    • Control how posts in a series will be displayed on series archive pages. The default is by date in descending order (newest to oldest) – but you can order it by part too.
    • Set the icon width for images associated with series for different pages.

    Pretty cool eh? But maybe you’d like to be able to customize things even more?…

    A whole bundle of template tags for theme authors and WP tweakers

    Do you actually like going into the guts of your theme files? Then, you’ll love the “template tags” organize series makes available for you! Better yet, I’ve made it easy for you to find them: All the template tags you’ll ever need are found in the series-template-tags.php file in your Organize Series plugin directory. Each tag is also fully documented inline so you can have a better idea what it does!

    You can also edit the default .css file for orgSeries OR point to your custom .css in styles.css for your theme.

    Oh, if you implement Organize Series in a cool way let me know here

    Oh and don’t forget…

    Widgets!! There are two built-in widgets that you can use to display all your series information.


    Organize Series Addons

    Organize series now has it’s own website where you can find additional addons that bring extra functionality to the core plugin. I’m releasing as many addons as I can based on features users have requested but keep in mind this is done in my spare time.


    All usage instructions are available at

    Have fun – and get writing those series!!

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