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    Nextend Facebook Connect

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    Check the DEMO on our site.

    Also we created a Social Connect button generator for this plugin. This allows you to create fancy login buttons.

    Personally, I hate to fill out registration forms, waiting for confirmation e-mails, so we designed this plugin for our website. Now, we want to share this very usable plugin with everyone, for free!

    Why should you choose Nextend Facebook Connect plugin from the many social plugins?

    • If your visitors have a Facebook profile, they can register your site with a single click, and later to log in too.
    • The previously registered users can simply attach their existing Facebook profile to their account, so in the future, they can logging in with the one social button.
    • The plugin has multiple desings, so it fits all kind of websites smoothly and elegantly.
    • The plugin supports Facebook profile picture as avatar.
    • Very simple to use.
    • Fast and helpful support.

    If you like our stuff donate a like to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!


    After you activated the plugin, the plugin will automatically

    • add the login buttons to the WordPress login page. See screenshot #1
    • add the account linking buttons to the WordPress profile page. See screenshot #2

    Advanced usage

    Simple link

    <a href=”siteurl/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=siteurl” onclick=”window.location = ’siteurl/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=’+window.location.href; return false;”>Click here to login or register with Facebook</a>

    Image button

    <a href=”siteurl/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=siteurl” onclick=”window.location = ’siteurl/wp-login.php?loginFacebook=1&redirect=’+window.location.href; return false;”> <img src=”HereComeTheImage” /> </a>

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    Roland Soos Stats

    Last Updated174 Days ago
    Published5 years ago

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