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    Mobile Smart

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    Mobile Smart (, using trusty detection from the MobileESP project ( allows the following:

    • Switch your theme to a mobile-ready theme if a mobile device is detected (you can now enable/disable iPad/tablets)
    • Manual Switcher – to allow your user to manually switch between desktop and mobile versions. Available in 3 versions: widget, option to automatically insert into footer, or template tag.
    • Template functions to help determine which tier of mobile device (touch/smartphone/other) is viewing your site, to allow conditional content inclusion.
    • Adds device and tier specific CSS selectors to the body_class, to allow conditional CSS (e.g. so in the same way you have “.single” that you can target “.iphone” or “.mobile-tier-touch”.)
    • Image transcoding – rescale images to fit their device

    See the Frequently Asked Questions for guidance on how to use the plugin.

    Device support includes iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablet, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Windows Phone 6 & 7, Symbian, and many more.

    Mobile Smart Pro

    Check out the Mobile Smart Pro plugin for support for:

    • Domain switching – use a mobile theme to detect mobile devices, and/or redirect to appropriate theme URL (e.g.
    • Mobile Pages – mobile versions of posts and pages with the same URL
    • Mobile Menus – mobile versions of menus for mobile-specific navigation
    • Mobile Widgets – disable selected widgets when viewing your site on your mobile device
    • Mobile Plugins – disable selected plugins when viewing your site on your mobile device
    • Mobile Home Page – select a different page to be the mobile site’s home page


    Want to contribute to the project? Checkout the GitHub project at

    Mobile Theme

    Mobile Smart comes with a basic barebones (‘boilerplate’) theme that can be used by theme developers to develop for mobile devices.

    The Mobile Smart boilerplate theme is based on two projects: and
    with some additional Mobile Smart modifications.

    Note: The theme is not designed to be used without developer modification.

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