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    Lightbox CSS3

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    CSS3 Lightbox is a high-performance lightbox which is working completely independant from jQuery and Javascript. This lightbox is incredible fast because
    it makes use only of browser native CSS3 functions. Especially mobile devices are working faster and more reliable
    than with other lightbox plugins which depend on Javascript libraries.

    CSS3 Lightbox demo

    This lightbox plugin is in not longer in active development and will not be be updated


    • High Performance Lightbox, especially on mobile devices
    • No jQuery/JavaScript is used
    • Lightbox works with any embedded image
    • Lightbox with very low memory footprint
    • Lightbox uses browser native CSS3 functions
    • Faster than any other JS Lightbox plugin which depends on JavaScript

    How does it work?

    The plugin parses all your images in your blog posts and creates some specific classes for this images which are called from a smart and complex css file. This css entries are able to open your images
    in a very nice looking lightbox.

    How to install and setup?

    Install it via the admin dashboard and to ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add New’ and search the plugins for ‘Lightbox CSS2’. Install the plugin with ‘Install Now’.

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