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    Import users from CSV with meta

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    Clean and easy-to-use Import users plugin. It includes custom user meta to be included automatically from a CSV file and delimitation auto-detector. It also is able to send a mail to each user imported and all the meta data imported is ready to edit into user profile.

    • Import CSV file with users directly to your WordPress
    • Import thousends of users in only some seconds
    • You can also import meta-data like data from WooCommerce customers using the correct meta_keys
    • Send a mail to every new user
    • Use your own
    • You can also update data of each user
    • Assing a role
    • Create a cron task to import users periodically
    • Edit the metadata (you will be able to edit the metadata imported using metakeys directly in the profile of each user)
    • Read our documentation
    • Ask anything in support forum, we try to give the best support

    In Codection we have more plugins, please take a look to them.


    • Import users from a CSV easily
    • And also extra profile information with the user meta data (included in the CSV with your custom fields)
    • Just upload the CSV file (one included as example)
    • All your users will be created/updated with the updated information, and of course including the user meta
    • Autodetect delimiter compatible with comma ,, semicolon ; and bar |


    Once the plugin is installed you can use it. Go to Tools menu and there, there will be a section called Insert users from CSV. Just choose your CSV file and go!

    CSV generation

    You can generate CSV file with all users inside it, using a standar spreadsheet software like: Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc or Gnumeric.

    You have to create the file filled with information (or take it from another database) and you will only have to choose CSV file when you “Save as…” the file. As example, a CSV file is included with the plugin.

    Some considerations

    Plugin will automatically detect:

    • Charset and set it to UTF-8 to prevent problems with non-ASCII characters.
    • It also will auto detect line-ending to prevent problems with different OS.
    • Finally, it will detect the delimiter being used in CSV file (“,” or “;” or “|”)

    = 1.2 =
    * From this version, plugin can both insert new users and update new ones. Thanks to Nick Gallop from Weston Graphics.


    • Donation button added.


    • Fixed problems with n, r and nr inside CSV fields. Thanks to Ted Stresen-Reuter for his help. We have changed our way to parse CSV files, now we use SplFileObject and we can solve this problem.



    • You can import now user_registered but always in the correct format Y-m-d H:i:s


    • Now plugins is only shown to admins. Thanks to flegmatiq and his message


    • Problem solved appeared in 1.1.3: sometimes array was not correctly managed.


    • As fgetscsv() have problems with non UTF8 characters we changed it and now we had problems with commas inside fields, so we have rewritten it using str_getcsv() and declaring the function in case your current PHP version doesn’t support it.


    • fgetscsv() have problems with non UTF8 characters, so we have changed it for fgetcsv() thanks to a hebrew user who had problems.


    • Some bugs found and solved managing custom columns after 1.1.0 upgrade.
    • If you have problems/bugs about custom headers, you should deactivate the plugin and then activate it and upload a CSV file with the correct headers again in order to solve some problems.


    • WordPress user profile default info is now saved correctly, the new fields are: “user_nicename”, “user_url”, “display_name”, “nickname”, “first_name”, “last_name”, “description”, “jabber”, “aim” and “yim”
    • New CSV example created.
    • Documentation adapted to new functionality.


    • Bug with some UTF-8 strings, fixed.


    • The list of roles is generated reading all the roles avaible in the system, instead of being the default always.


    • Issue: admin/super_admin change role when file is too large. Two checks done to avoid it.


    • Issue: Problems detecting extension solved (array(‘csv’ => ‘text/csv’) added)


    • Issue: Existing users role change, fixed


    • First release
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