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    iLen Video Locker

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    Get 200% traffic to your website through your videos.!!

    iLen Video Locker Share your viral videos youtube and get traffic to your website.
    It is a plugin that allows you to view videos from YouTube, the video is blocked until the visitor share in one of the social networks the video, once you share video will unlock and reproduced.
    With this we can bring a lot of traffic to our website and the video would become viral.
    The plugin has some customization features, one of the best is that it has stats, with this we can see how many times a day is to share our videos and social network that was shared. We can also see the video Top shared and we can see the last who are sharing. Category has the following options:

    The plugin has the following options:

    • General Options
      • Width: Video Width in px (Fixed width in pixels of the video.)
      • Height: Video Height in px (Fixed height in pixels of the video.)
      • Video text: This field will be the text that will show people to share the video (Text displayed when clicking the video, the text is informative and has to be motivating for visitors to share the video.)
      • Use thumbnail Youtube?: if you enable this option you will use only the video thumbnail, otherwise you will use the image of the Post (Use Youtube thumbnail in your post or photo video.)

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