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    Whenever you create a new Theme or Plugin you will always need to create custom data to test whether your plugin is working or not, and as Developers ourselves we had this problem quite alot.

    Our goal with this plugin is to fill this gap where you have problem with a good solution both for Developers and for Users of WordPress.

    Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or higher to be activated.

    Checkout our GitHub Repository

    Components Included

    • Posts
    • Custom Post Types
    • Meta Data
    • Featured Image
    • Users
    • Tags
    • Categories
    • Comments
    • Custom Comment Types

    Creating Dummy Content

    Normally a WordPress developer will need to perform the task of filling up an empty theme with dummy content, and doing this manually can be really time consuming, the main reasons this plugin was create was to speed up this process.

    Random Featured Images

    Create randomly generated attachments as the Featured Images for your WordPress dummy content.

    Create random Meta Information

    WordPress has Meta for Users, Posts, Terms and Comments, FakerPress will allow you to generate custom dummy meta for all four, with 20 types of Data

    Delete the Content Generated

    After you are done with your testing it should be easy to delete all the content created using FakerPress, now you will be able to do it.

    Generate Random HTML

    When creating dummy posts what you really want is that the HTML is really random so that you might see bugs that an XML import wouldn’t.

    Generate Images in your HTML

    When you are testing your website images are important, so FakerPress will allow you to output Images to your HTML tests.

    Real Browser data on User Comments

    For comments our plugin is prepared to generate a real Browser data instead of leaving the field empty.

    Random Terms generation

    For creating and assigning the terms you will have a much better tool that will allow you to select which kind of taxonomy you want to assign to your posts, and leaving the randomization to the plugin’s code.

    Real random User profiles

    If you fill up your WordPress with any data for the user profiles you might not catch an edge case, this plugin will fill up the fields with data that will really matter in the tests.

    Types of Meta Included

    • Attachment
    • WP_Query
    • Number
    • Elements
    • Letter
    • Words
    • Text
    • HTML
    • Lexify
    • Asciify
    • Regexify
    • Person
    • Geo Information
    • Company
    • Date
    • TimeZone
    • Email
    • Domain
    • IP
    • Browser User Agent


    We moved away from Transifex due to the new GlotPress on, so if you want to translate FakerPress to your language please follow this guidelines.

    See room for improvement?

    Great! There are several ways you can get involved to help make FakerPress better:

    1. Report Bugs: If you find a bug, error or other problem, please report it! You can do this by creating a new topic in the plugin forum. Once a developer can verify the bug by reproducing it, they will create an official bug report in GitHub where the bug will be worked on.
    2. Suggest New Features: Have an awesome idea? Please share it! Simply create a new topic in the plugin forum to express your thoughts on why the feature should be included and get a discussion going around your idea.
    3. Issue Pull Requests: If you’re a developer, the easiest way to get involved is to help out on issues already reported in GitHub. Be sure to check out the contributing guide for developers.

    Thank you for wanting to make FakerPress better for everyone! We salute you.

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