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    Exploit Scanner

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    This plugin searches the files on your website, and the posts and comments tables of your database for anything suspicious. It also examines your list of active plugins for unusual filenames.

    It does not remove anything. That is left to the user to do.

    Latest MD5 hash values for Exploit Scanner:

    • 17e2ccfc834d691bc68cc5c64f9bed89 exploit-scanner.php (1.5.2)
    • 1d5f9d6220fe159cd44cb70a998a1cd7 hashes-4.6.php
    • fbdf61c17f65094c8e331e1e364acf68 hashes-4.6.1.php
    • 477d128d84802e3470cec408424a8de3 hashes-4.7.php
    • d53210f999847fbd6f5a2ecac0ad42f2 hashes-4.7.5.php

    Latest SHA1 hash values for Exploit Scanner:

    • 1decc1e47a53d1cab9e8f1ef15b31682198367ee exploit-scanner.php (1.5.2)
    • 5cec64380a2acdc876fd22fbbbbf8c335df1ed3f hashes-4.6.php
    • 99d9e7be23a350f3d1962d0f41e7b4e28c00841e hashes-4.6.1.php
    • 1eeab377a1afc6d776827a063678d2461b29e71d hashes-4.7.php
    • 8c890a6af26bb74e9d17e5d2b21d6be27764da45 hashes-4.7.5.php

    See the Exploit Scanner homepage for further information.

    Interpreting the Results

    It is likely that this scanner will find false positives (i.e. files which do not contain malicious code). However, it is best to err
    on the side of caution; if you are unsure then ask in the Support Forums,
    download a fresh copy of a plugin, search the Internet for similar situations, et cetera. You should be most concerned if the scanner is:
    making matches around unknown external links; finding base64 encoded text in modified core files or the wp-config.php file;
    listing extra admin accounts; or finding content in posts which you did not put there.

    Understanding the three different result levels:

    • Severe: results that are often strong indicators of a hack (though they are not definitive proof)
    • Warning: these results are more commonly found in innocent circumstances than Severe matches, but they should still be treated with caution
    • Note: lowest priority, showing results that are very commonly used in legitimate code or notifications about events such as skipped files

    Help! I think I have been hacked!

    Follow the guides from the Codex:

    Ensure that you change all of your WordPress related passwords (site, FTP, MySQL, etc.). A regular backup routine
    (either manual or plugin powered) is extremely useful; if you ever find that your site has been hacked you can easily restore your site from
    a clean backup and fresh set of files and, of course, use a new set of passwords.


    Updates to the plugin will be posted here, to Holy Shmoly! and the WordPress Exploit Scanner page will always link to the newest version.

    Other Languages

    Unfortunately for people using WordPress versions for other locales some of the file hashes may be incorrect as some strings have to be hardcoded in their translated form. Here are some file hashes for WordPress in other languagues provided separately by other members of the community:

    The hash files should only be declaring an array called $filehashes and the majority of the hashes should still be the same.

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