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    CP Contact Form with Paypal

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    CP Contact Form with PayPal inserts a contact form into a WordPress website and connect it to a PayPal payment, either a PayPal Standard payment or a PayPal Express / PayPal Credit payment where available.

    Once the user has filled the PayPal contact form fields and click the submit button the posted data is saved into the WordPress database and the user is automatically redirected to PayPal to complete a payment. After completed the PayPal payment, the website administrator (the email indicated from the settings) will receive an email with the form data and the user will receive a confirmation/thank you email.

    Both the paid forms and unpaid forms sent from the contact form will appear in the WordPress settings area with the mark of “Paid” or “Not Paid” so you can check all the details and contact the user if needed.

    This WordPress plugin is useful for different types of contact forms, booking forms, order forms, consultation services, payments for joining events (paid event registration), ect…


    CP Contact Form with PayPal has the following main features:

    • Supports PayPal Standard and PayPal Express / PayPal Credit (where available)
    • Supports many contact forms into the same WP website, each one with its own prices and settings.
    • Allows checking the messages for both paid and un-paid submissions sent from the contact form.
    • You can customize the notification email details, including from address, subject and content with the contact form fields.
    • The website administrator receives an email notification of the paid contact message.
    • The customer receives a “thank you – confirmation” message.
    • Easy setup of the PayPal payment, basically just indicate the price and email linked to the PayPal account. There are optional fields for language and currency settings.
    • Export the contact form messages to CSV/Excel
    • Support PayPal taxes configuration
    • Support recurrent payments
    • Supports donation layouts for PayPal donation forms
    • Optionally request address at PayPal (useful for the delivery of tangible items)
    • Includes optional captcha verification as part of the contact form.

    How it can be used

    These are some possible scenarios where this plugin is useful:

    • Contact form linked to a PayPal payment
    • As a PayPal button
    • For accepting donations through PayPal (leave a zero amount in the payment amount)
    • Support request forms or paid assistance contact forms
    • For receiving product orders (order form), purchases, bookings and reservations.
    • For automatic delivering of information after payment (put the information into the auto-reply message)
    • Registration forms for events with payment involved
    • … any other use involving forms and PayPal payments

    Pro Features:

    The following features aren’t part of the free version. The following features are present only in the commercial versions:

    • Visual form builder: The free version includes a classic predefined form. If you need a different form you will need one of the commercial versions.
    • Work without PayPal, discount codes and dynamic/open prices, additional configuration settings.

    If you are interested in a version with the pro features you can get it here:

    Language Support

    The Contact Form with PayPal plugin is compatible with all charsets. The troubleshoot area contains options to change the encoding of the plugin database tables if needed.

    Translations are supported through PO/MO files located in the Contact Form with PayPal plugin folder “languages”.

    Multiple language translations are already included in the plugin.


    CP Contact Form with PayPal plugin has been developed by an Official PayPal Partner.
    Requesting address at PayPal: If you are selling tangible items and you need to request the customer address at PayPal you can enable that option into the settings field “Request address at PayPal” available separately for each contact form.

    Taxes at PayPal: You can indicate the taxes to charge at PayPal over the “request cost” as a percent into the settings field “Taxes (percent)”. Each contact form can have a different taxes setting.

    Edit submit button label: You can easily edit the submit button label into each contact form settings. The class=”cp_subbtn” can be used to modify the button styles. The styles can be applied into any of the CSS files of your theme or into the CSS file “cp-contact-form-with-paypalcssstylepublic.css”. For further modifications the submit button is located at the end of the file “”.

    Use a specific field from the form for the payment amount: If a field is selected in this settings field, any price in the selected field will be added to the above request cost. Use this field for example for having an open donation amount. This field is more useful in the pro version since it supports adding more fields to the contact form.

    Button to change status to paid: The messages list contains a button to change the status of the “Not paid” contact form messages to “Paid”. This is mainly for administrative purposes.

    Export data to CSV/Excel: The messages list contains an option to export the contact messages received from the contact form to a CSV/Excel file. This way you can export the email address and other data from the contact messages to other applications or manage the data in Excel. The filters in the message list apply also to the exported CSV/Excel file.

    Enabling donation layout: The plugin supports enabling the PayPal donation layout, this way a payment page improved for donations is displayed to the donors.

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