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    Book Review

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    Save Time

    Book Review saves you time when writing your reviews. No more copying and pasting or manually entering the details of a book. Instead, you provide the ISBN, and Book Review will automatically populate information like title, author, and even the cover photo for you.

    Increase Traffic

    Book Review can help increase traffic to your site by making your Google search result stand out from the rest. And that means more users clicking through to visit your site.

    See the Screenshots tab for an example of what your Google search result might look like.

    Monetize Your Site

    If you’re interested in throwing monetization into the mix, Book Review can help with its custom links feature. Just enter the affiliate URLs for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other online store, and Book Review will take care of adding the links to each of your reviews.

    Review More Than Just Books

    One of the most powerful features of Book Review is the ability to add custom fields to each of your reviews. Custom fields enable you to review movies, music, TV shows and so much more!

    Learn more about Book Review


    This plugin supports the following translations (with credit to the translators):

    • Arabic (منهل العدّاي‎)
    • Chinese (Vahi Chen)
    • Czech (Radek Volf)
    • Dutch (Petran Liket)
    • French (Guillaume Andreux)
    • German (Linguasoft)
    • Indonesian (Ardhi Sulaeman)
    • Italian (James Garofalo)
    • Norwegian (Harald Indgul)
    • Portuguese (Wilson Rocha)
    • Russian (Alexander Wolf)
    • Serbian (Ogi Djuraskovic)
    • Spanish (Jose Luis Parra)
    • Swedish (Harald Indgul)
    • Turkish (Atilla Öntaş)

    If you would like to translate Book Review into another language, please see the instructions in the documentation.


    About Me

    • I’m the founder of WP Review Plugins, a company specializing in creating review plugins for WordPress.
    • I blog about web and professional development at
    • I’m an avid reader and a fan of young adult fiction.
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