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    Better Notifications for WordPress

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    Better Notifications for WordPress is a simple but powerful plugin for beginners to advanced users that allows you to customise the email notifications that WordPress sends using the WYSIWYG editor and shortcodes. All of the default WordPress email notifications are available to customise as well as lots of new ones. You can choose to send notifications to individual users, multiple users, all users in a user role, multiple roles – you name it! You can also power-up your notifications with Premium Add-ons. Emails are sent out via your WordPress website (using wp_mail) but can be sent via SMTP using an appropriate 3rd party plugin should you wish.

    Here’s a quick walkthrough of the plugin in action:

    An Example:

    You want all the users in the Editor role to be notified via email when a new post is published and you’d like to customise it to include your logo along with the author’s name and date / time it was published – with this plugin, that’s easy.

    A handy list of shortcodes you can use is available here.

    Premium Add-ons

    Power-up your notifications using add-ons:

    Conditional Notifications – Limit certain notifications depending on which categories, tags, post formats, or terms you choose.

    Custom Fields – Provides a number of new shortcodes allowing you to include data from custom fields and custom user fields created using ACF.

    Send to Any Email – Send notifications to non-WordPress Users.

    Global Override – Override some of the settings of notifications directly when editing a post, page, or custom post type.

    Reminders – Send a reminder to your users and/or user roles when a post, page, or custom post type hasn’t been updated after a set amount of time. Also send a notification when a user hasn’t logged in for a set amount of time.

    Multisite Notifications – Coming Soon!

    …and more coming soon!


    The notifications that are currently available to use are:

    WordPress Defaults

    • New Comment / Comment Awaiting Moderation
    • New Trackback
    • New Pingback
    • User Lost Password – For Admin
    • New User Registration – For Admin
    • Password Changed – For Admin
    • User Role Changed – For Admin
    • WordPress Core Automatic Background Updates


    • User Lost Password – For User
    • Password Changed – For User
    • User Email Changed – For Admin
    • New User Registration – For User
    • New User – Post-registration Email
    • User Role Changed – For User
    • Comment Reply
    • User Login Reminder (Reminders Add-on)

    Posts / Custom Post Types

    • New Post Published
    • Post Updated
    • Post Pending Review
    • New Private Post
    • Post Scheduled
    • Post – Custom Field Updated (Custom Fields Add-on)
    • Post – Update Reminder (Reminders Add-on)


    • New Page Published
    • Page Updated
    • Page Pending Review
    • New Private Page
    • Page Scheduled
    • Page – New Comment
    • Page – Comment Reply
    • Page – Custom Field Updated (Custom Fields Add-on)
    • Page – Update Reminder (Reminders Add-on)


    • New Category
    • New Tag

    Custom Post Types

    • New Term

    If you’d like to see a notification in the list above, please drop me a line in the forum and I’ll see what I can do to add it.

    Like this plugin? Please leave it a great review! Don’t think the plugin is worthy of 5 stars? Having problems? Let me know in the forum and I’ll do my best to help.

    This is an incredibly useful and highly rated plugin however, it’s possible that overuse or abuse of this plugin could upset your users by sending them too many notifications. By downloading / installing / using this plugin, you take full responsibility of the management / quantity / types of notifications that are sent out from it including abiding by any SPAM laws in your country / operating areas, dealing with / responding to subscription / unsubscription requests, complaints, and so on. I accept no liability or responsibility for SPAM or abuse of this plugin from the user(s) of or anyone that may receive notifications as a result of the use of this plugin. I’m trusting you, please don’t abuse your users.

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