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    Backup Scheduler

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    With this plugin, you may plan the backup of your entire website (folders, files and/or database).

    You can choose:

    • which folders you want to save;
    • the frequency of the backup process;
    • whether your database should be saved;
    • whether the backup is stored on the local website, sent by email or stored on a distant FTP (support of multipart zip files)

    This plugin is under GPL licence

    Multisite – WordPress MU

    This plugin is compatible with Multisite installation.

    Each blog administrator may save their own data.

    The super-admin may save either its data or the whole website. By saving the whole site, the admin may create different SQL files for the subsite in order to ease the restoration of a single sub-site.


    • Czech (Czech Republic) translation provided by Mik013, Mik013
    • German (Switzerland) translation provided by PeterDbbert, BernhardKnab, scream
    • German (Germany) translation provided by agent-test, agent, bartdev2000, Ditoran, GLassnig
    • English (United States), default language
    • Spanish (Spain) translation provided by Javier, AVfoto, charliechin, IgnacioCalvo, JordiVives, FelipeJAG, Sebas
    • Farsi (Iran) translation provided by
    • Finnish (Finland) translation provided by AnttiSilvola
    • French (France) translation provided by SedLex, wkpixearts, Matthieu, mutmut, anonymous, noaneo, TonyLand, AlexGulphe
    • Indonesian (Indonesia) translation provided by ceceparif
    • Indonesian (Indonesia) translation provided by Faleddo
    • Italian (Italy) translation provided by SedLex, PuntoCon, Emilio, GiovanniCaputo
    • Dutch (Netherlands) translation provided by Matrix, WybAnema, Jay
    • Polish (Poland) translation provided by Opti, Lukasz, pablo, Misiek, MarekMackiewicz, Darbo, darbo, adam
    • Portuguese (Brazil) translation provided by RainilsonRodriguis, GuiBeloto
    • Portuguese (Portugal) translation provided by FranciscoRocha
    • Russian (Russia) translation provided by GerinG, Slawka, Berdych
    • Swedish (Sweden) translation provided by
    • Thai (Thailand) translation provided by tontan
    • Turkish (Turkey) translation provided by SedLex
    • Chinese (People’s Republic of China) translation provided by YiscaJoe, jeffli

    Features of the framework

    This plugin uses the SL framework. This framework eases the creation of new plugins by providing tools and frames (see dev-toolbox plugin for more info).

    You may easily translate the text of the plugin and submit it to the developer, send a feedback, or choose the location of the plugin in the admin panel.

    Have fun !

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