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    Backup by blogVault

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    From backups and restores to even migrations, BlogVault is a complete WordPress Backup solution.

    Install the BlogVault WordPress backup plugin on your site, subscribe, and BlogVault automatically makes full-site backups daily; or in real-time. It also stores 365 days of backups in encrypted format in offsite locations. This means WordPress backup to Amazon S3, and BlogVault servers. BlogVault also allows you to upload WordPress backups to Dropbox.

    BlogVault stands as a comprehensive alternative to backup solutions like UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, CodeGuard, and VaultPress. BlogVault provides the perfect meeting ground of best backup and security practices. From comprehensive and secure backups to ease of use (with one-click restores and migrations), and daily or real-time automatic backups, to world-class support, BlogVault helps free you up to do what you do best.

    All BlogVault operations are performed through the independent dashboard, which is designed to be intuitive. The powerful BlogVault dashboard offers easy one-click operations to migrate sites, restore sites, test backups and even download backups. This means that your backups are accessible and are useful even when your entire site is down.
    WordPress backups are as valuable as your site itself – without a good backup in place, you are at risk of losing everything when your site goes down.

    Since BlogVault is a WordPress backup service, you also have the world-class BlogVault team by your side to help you out if/when you need assistance. Check out our pricing plans here

    Not sure?

    Don’t worry, you can sign up for our fully functional, 7-day trial and decide if you want to subscribe or not at the end of your trial period. You don’t need to provide your card details to sign up for the free trial.

    The free trial is full-featured experience of BlogVault with all the features. This is the same for all subscription plans as well, because the best backups cannot have stages or alternatives.


    • Daily, automatic WordPress backup
    • Managed, off-site backups
    • Real-time WordPress backup
    • Backup entire WordPress sites: WordPress files and database backups complete with custom files and tables as well
    • Efficient, incremental backups
    • Encrypted, secure backups
    • 365-day Backup history
    • WordPress Backup to Dropbox
    • Restore from any backup in one-click; even when your site is down
    • Most relied on migrations tool, to any URL or web host. Trusted by leading web hosts
    • Easy-to-use, independent dashboard to manage all sites’ backups
    • World-class support


    It takes only a few minutes to install the BlogVault backup plugin. All you have to do is:

    • Install the BlogVault plugin from the WordPress repository
    • Sign up for, and log in to your BlogVault account

    That’s it!
    As soon as you add your site to the BlogVault dashboard, your site will be backed up every day, automatically. Nothing else needs to be done. You can view the progress of your backups from the BlogVault dashboard.


    BlogVault’s world-class team provides personalized technical support over phone, email and chat. If you face any issues with backups, the support team is always ready to help.


    Only Database Backup Is Not Good Enough
    The BlogVault backup plugin does a complete backup of the WordPress site, including files and database. Many backup plugins only backup the database. This is not sufficient as all the images, themes, plugins, other uploads, and even updates are stored as files. Just doing a backup of the database can hence lead to data-loss at the time of restore.
    BlogVault saves your complete WordPress site content including posts, pages, plugin, images, comments, etc.


    Most backup plugins store backups locally on the server. This eats up storage space, puts additional load on the server and slows down your site. Backups stored on your site’s server are as good as no backups at all. If the server crashes then you will lose the WordPress site and the backups both at the same time.

    BlogVault creates offsite backups on independent servers, so that your content is safe even if your site goes down. It manages the backup archive and stores up to 365 days of WordPress backups. The backups are stored on BlogVault’s own independent servers and also copied on to Amazon S3 servers. Multiple copies; all encrypted, for every WordPress backup are maintained across these multiple independent data-centers. This is safer than backups made and maintained by WordPress backup plugins, such as UpdraftPlus or backup services like that of VaultPress.

    BlogVault also offers you a couple of handy storage choices:

    • You can upload WordPress backups to Dropbox (your own account)
    • Download WordPress backups
    • And even just choose between your site’s files and tables to upload or download.

    This enables you to store chosen versions of your WordPress backup beyond the 365 days’ of BlogVault backups.


    Do you own a large site? Most run-of-the-mill backup plugins fail while performing backups of photography or video sites, because of their size. Some backup plugins can also cause these sites to crash because they run complete backups of the entire site every time, and perform the copying and zipping processes on your site’s server.

    These backup processes that need to cover large sites’ data end up overloading your server and slowing your site down…or crashing it.

    BlogVault does a complete backup of your site only the very first time. After this, only the changes since the last backup are picked up. This backup method, known as ‘incremental backup‘ minimizes both:

    • Server-load (this is something to look out for when dealing with WordPress backup plugins such as UpdraftPlus)
    • The size of your backups (which if left unchecked, could eat up storage space when you use backup plugins like BackupBuddy)

    We’ve built BlogVault to take it a step further though- all backup processes are completed on our servers instead of yours, meaning that they don’t affect your site’s performance at all.


    Real-time backups ensure that any change is immediately saved, and eliminates the stress of worrying about losing even a single order or transaction. This is perfect especially for sites that undergo multiple changes or updates every day, (such as e-commerce or news sites).
    Real-time backups work by listening to changes to standard WordPress files and tables (such as adding/ updating posts, users, media, etc.) The problem is that some plugins (like wooCommerce) create custom tables in the WordPress database, and aren’t covered by regular real-time backups. BlogVault is perfect even for sites that need special handling, and does even wooCommerce real-time backups efficiently.


    BlogVault supports WordPress multisite backups by default, unlike WordPress backup plugins such as UpdraftPlus. It backs up your entire network. We do this by allowing you to install the BlogVault plugin on your network, which backs up your complete network of sites. This reduces the possibility of any shared resource such as plugin or theme being lost during backup.
    What’s more, with BlogVault, you can restore the entire network with a single click. You can also migrate WPMU sites with BlogVault.


    BlogVault provides site-monitoring. This means it runs checks on your site every day to ensure that backups are going through as scheduled. If for any reason your backup fails (e.g. if your site doesn’t respond, or is unreachable), it notifies you immediately via email.
    BlogVault also allows you to see which plugins and themes on your site need an update, and allows you to update them remotely, from the BlogVault dashboard.


    When you have multiple backup versions, it’s important to have an easy and efficient way to manage WordPress backups. One way to do this is to have a history page, like BlogVault’s. The History page on the BlogVault dashboard lists all the backups made, and includes information about each backup (e.g. a list of changes made to the site’s plugins, posts, pages, files, or tables), since the last backup of your site.

    This makes it easy to look for any specific updates, and track & choose backups to restore from, easily and quickly. It also includes a screenshot for every backup which again enables you to find a particular backup with a single glance.


    BlogVault is a provides premium service with 3 different WordPress backup plans: Basic, Plus, and Pro. You can even have real-time backup with any of these plans.

    Whether you are a small time entrepreneur or a large company, BlogVault suits every site owner’s needs. BlogVault includes a 7-day free trial so that you can explore all the features of this backup plugin before committing to a specific backup plan.


    BlogVault allows for an efficient WordPress backup and restore.
    BlogVault’s easy Auto Restore feature allows you to restore your entire site; from any backup, with only one click.


    BlogVault also includes a Test Restore feature that allows you to test backups before restoring them on your live site. The WordPress backups are temporarily restored on BlogVault’s own servers for a week, so you can see exactly what they contain it doesn’t affect your live site in any way.
    You can set up these test-sites in one click. What’s more? You can create multiple test sites with different backups at the same time. You can see how they all work and easily choose the preferred version.


    BlogVault allows you to furnish a backup of your site on its own servers, and gives you SFTP access to the staging site. The staging site is generated with a single click.

    You can update WordPress test new plugins, change the look of your site, test code and develop site in staging without risking your live site. When you are satisfied move the staging site to your live domain- it only takes a click.


    BlogVault’s most reliable migrations are trusted by some of the best web hosts in the world. It helps you move to a new domain(URL) or host with NO downtime & NO data loss.

    The chosen WordPress backup version is uploaded onto the new location with just a few clicks. The migration takes place straight from the backup stored on the BlogVault servers, and doesn’t affect your original site. BlogVault does migrations in parts, so that even very large WordPress backups can also be migrated easily.

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