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    Androapp – Native Android mobile app for wordpress site

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    Native mobile app for android / ios platform, create a beautiful mobile app for your wordpress blog in minutes, no programming knowledge required.

    Test your app on your phone in minutes, It will really take minutes, Try it !!


    1. Unlimited Push Notifications
    2. Monetize your app using Admob and Appnext ad units
    3. Deep linking Support
    4. Inbuilt Sharing channels with image share – Facebook, WhatsApp and more through default android sharing intents.
    5. WordPress/Facebook comments support
    6. Offline Save
    7. Image Zoom, Share and Save
    8. Parallax Effect for Featured image on post detail page
    9. Caching – option to use WP Super cache to cache mobile app requests at server side.
    10. Infinite Scroll
    11. Multiple themes to suit your website
    12. Dynamic Settings for Menu, Image Rendering, Preview Text, Share Text, Post Page settings, Ads placements, Notification Style, Theme Colors and more.
    13. Customize App Colors as per your blog or company website.
    14. Your own company Logo
    15. No reference to AndroApp, it is a complete white label app

    Demo Mobile Apps

    Here are few of the mobile apps built using our plugin

    1. Autostrada Android App for
    2. Hindi Stories Android App for
    3. Hindi Stories IOS App for
    4. Woocommerce: ShipMyCard App for ShipMyCard.Com

    Android App Updates

    See what we have been doing on the android app side, see Android App Updates


    Your mobile app from AndroApp is completely free for the first 1 month, no credit card needed.

    Annual Renewal:

    Android Only: $66/year pay here
    IOS Only: $66/year pay here
    IOS & Android both: $110/year (discount of $22) pay here

    In case you are not willing or not able to pay, your app will continue to work without any ads from you and instead we reserve to show few of our ads
    For Woocommerce sites, Cart Icon will not be visible on your mobile app after free term expires.

    For any questions, do get in touch with us @

    In case you are not able to pay via payumoney, and want to pay via paypal, please drop us an email at

    Visit our site for more information –

    Follow us on Google+, Facebook

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