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    AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

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    The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin works in conjunction with the FREE ad service.

    Plugin Features

    The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin includes the following awesome features:

    • Ability to add your AdPlugg ads to your WordPress site from the WordPress Administrator with no access to the underlying source code required.
    • Ability to add you AdPlugg ads to any Widget Area on your site by dragging the AdPlugg Widget into that area.
    • Support for Zones allowing you to put different ads in different locations on a page.
    • Support for Facebook Instant Articles allowing you to include ads in your FBIA feed.
    • Works with AdPlugg’s Free and Pro versions.

    PS: You’ll need a free Access Code in order to use the plugin.

    AdPlugg Service Features

    The FREE AdPlugg Ad Service includes the following amazing features:

    • Ad Rotating – Rotate which ads are displayed or the relative positioning of multiple ads.
    • Ad Scheduling – Set the start and stop dates for an individual ad or group of ads.
    • Ad Tracking – Track ad impressions and ad clicks.
    • Analytics – View daily, monthly or yearly graphs of your impressions and clicks.
    • Zones – Break your site up into different zones such as the top bar or side bar.
    • Placements – Group your ads into placements to simplify management and tracking.
    • Easy Setup – Easily create and setup your ads.
    • Timed Rotate – (NEW) Set your ads to rotate after a set interval.

    The PRO AdPlugg Ad Service adds the following additional features:

    • Downloadable PDF, Excel and CSV Reports
    • Unlimited Scaling
    • Additional ad formats including Custom/HTML5, Flash, JavaScript, bar, dialog, interstitial, slide-in, text, and more.
    • Additional targeting options (such as targeting ads by on-page meta tags).
    • Ability to serve ad tags from third party systems such as Google AdSense.
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